Domaine Sève

Linked to the history of Pouilly-Fuissé white wine

5 generations of Sève are intimately linked to Pouilly-Fuissé white wine.



Pierre-Marie Sève, born in 1875, was at first a tied-worker in Pouilly where he started to learn about vineyard tasks and how to make Pouilly-Fuissé white wine. In 1920, he was at last able to buy and plant his first vines. So began the story and the advent of Sève Pouilly-Fuissé.


His son, Francis Sève, born in 1905, worked and enlarged the domain from 1927, in marrying Marie-Antonine Ramage, owner of vines in Pouilly-Fuissé. The young married couple set up home at their in-laws’ in Solutré, headquarters of today’s domain.


Their son, Roger Sève, born in 1928, took over the running of the 2 domains Sève and Ramage, with his wife Simone. He renewed numerous vine parcels, enlarged the domain by one hectare and began sales in bottle of Sève Pouilly-Fuissé white wine.


Their son,, Jean-Pierre Sève, nborn in 1959, in turn took over the business in 1981. There followed important development in vineyard working through mechanisation and sales in bottle. Pouilly-Fuissé white wine took off on export markets. Worldwide marketing brought its rewards – medals, good marks and comments in specialised magazines, etc.


Antoine and Mathilde Sève, their children, born respectively in 1987 and 1990, joined the family business in 2018. After choosing careers far from viticulture, the desire to come back to their roots was too strong. The call of Pouilly-Fuissé convinced them to change course. Supported and guided by their parents and grands-parents, their mission is to offer conscientious winemaking, respectful of the environment, perfecting and constantly improving the quality of Pouilly-Fuissé and Mâcon-Solutré white wines at Domaine Sève, thus honouring the fifth generation and the family savoir-faire.


Origin and appellation

The origin of Pouilly-Fuissé

The vineyards of Pouilly-Fuissé white wines extend over 800 hectares and encompass 4 villages: Solutré-Pouilly, Fuissé, Vergisson and Chaintré.

From the single Chardonnay grape variety, it was officially born on 13th January 1929 with the creation of the ‘Union des Producteurs de Pouilly-Fuissé’. The dossier recognizing the appellation d’origine contrôlée of Pouilly-Fuissé was made official by decree on 11th September 1936. It was one of the first appellations in France to be recognized as an AOC.

S-de-seve solutré


Is made in Solutré

… and more especially at the Domaine Sève. Several cuvées of Pouilly-Fuissé, the fruit of our passion, are offered to you for tasting throughout the year. We will welcome you, to present our Burgundy white wines and let you discover all the subtle aromas of this exceptional product recognized all over France.
Domaine Sève, nestled in the heart of the village, offers a view over the vineyards of Pouilly-Fuissé and the Saône valley. An ideal decor for discovering Pouilly-Fuissé and Mâcon-Solutré in privileged conditions, under the discreet gaze of the Rock of Solutré situated just above the domain. 
Because a good Burgundy wine is best discovered with its maker, we await you for a unique experience and a tasting in a rare, majestic setting.

Mathilde and Antoine Sève

The present day for a great future